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I have a counter argument.

Give us a system to EAT any thinking life in the game.

That makes a lot of sense for some of the races that might potentially be playable. The obvious ones, such as half-orcs and dragonborn, might follow their less 'civilised' half and happily eat anything that was available. Beyond that, though, I completely see evil members of other sentient races being happy to eat other sentients, even if not actually being cannibals (i.e. eating their own race). In the early days of AD&D, a half-orc character tended to view a halfling on the party as travelling emergency rations.

Followers of Bhaal or Malar might even indulge as part of their ceremonies. Those following devils and demons, likewise.

I doubt very such that we will see such a system implemented in BG3, however. It might be a step too far for some.

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