Honestly this game cranks up animal intelligence to an extremely unreasonable degree. The way squirrels talk to the player is just as silly as if they would have a strength score of 18 and capable of yeeting dwarfs.

Animals talking shouldn't go past: "me hungry", "cave there", "me afraid" etc. Otherwise it's not an animal anymore, those animals would've integrated into the society a long time ago, would learn the language etc. When I meet a squirel like that my question is why is it not selling potions at the camp? Why isn't it carrying a pouch with nuts and gold coins?

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this raises that long-debated question over what constitutes cannibalism in a fantasy world

Same as in the real world: eating your own species. Your species is who you can procreate with to pass on your genes.

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Not everything is so simple with potions. If you think about it, for example a potion of strength, when consumed by a character, causes certain changes in the body, it can be considered as a drug that induces an adrenaline rush like methamphetamine. Does this mean that you can use drugs in the game?

Yes it is exactly the same as using drugs. You can use drugs in this game.

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