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So on a basis of speculations about Larians resources while none of you are involved in their processes you try to deny us a query for RTwP?!
Sounds strange and egocentric to me.

It’s not a baseless speculation im a developer myself and work on huge enterprise level software. I understand what’s involved and I mention as much in my post into the reasons it’s a bad idea. @blindhamster expanded on exactly those issues in his post as well. It’s just the cold hard facts and it’s not as simple as some think to implement a complex system like that this far in without effecting the current development drastically.

And Larians own home brew system they created is far less complicated then the one they are using as a basis for BG3 and historically they abandoned the idea for implementing it in that as well. How is any of that baseless conjecture.

I just wanted to add maybe the problem is with the engine itself which is why Larian abandoned the idea of implementing it into whichever D:OS they tried to. Taking the DnD edition differences out of it, I'm pretty sure that BG1 and BG2 where built in a engine specifically meant for RTS games. Making a huge change to the an engine that was probably not meant to do anything like that is a huge undertaking itself. Sure they developed the engine themselves so even just the fact that they gave up trying to do it with the Divinity IP tells me a lot. Now I am making some assumptions here as I'm not very familiar with the engine itself. So this is 100% conjecture. If this was indeed the case how would something like this not be a massive undertaking, just doing it alone would probably eat up the year until they want to release with their bigger team they have since D:OS2 let alone finishing the game itself. Food for thought.

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