PC. Vulkan

When picking the Magic initiate: Warlock feat, it lets me learn spells that I already know.

The goblin squad here in the northwestern corner of Shattered Sanctum don't show their line of sight when I am hiding. When a hiding character attacks them, the rest of the party don't join in on the fight either, letting me perform individual surprise attacks with each of my characters.

In a dialogue with Shadowheart instigated by going to camp your dialogue options don't appear at first, you just see your character staring at her. The options appear when pressing spacebar.
The dialogue in question begins with "Something's wrong. I feel... I feel." "What the- ?! Darkness protect me..."
Her right forearm also glitches out when she says it. Happened each time I tried it.

The bear in the Worg Pens has no portrait during combat. It shows the silhouette of a man instead of a bear. Don't know if this is on purpose

I had an issue with the Defiled Temple puzzle where none of the moons on the plates show up at first. They pop in a couple at a time when I interacted with the stone discs. The moon part of the discs did not detach and pass on to other discs as intended, but was instead clipped inside one another. None of this occured when I loaded a prevous save.