As someone who finished BG2 and DOS2 multiple times, I think we should add random encounters to BG3, mostly to enhance the feeling of an unsafe world. Considering how characters behave Larian is clearly trying to achieve it. And they managed to do it when it comes to dialogues, I just don't trust anyone by now. BUT. I feel way too safe once I've finished a quest in one of their zones.

Why I think we need this?
In DOS2 and the current version of BG3 there's this thing that really bothers me where you discovered most of the map. It adds this feeling of " cleaning up the map". It just breaks the immersion especially once you've been in an area you know it's safe. There's nothing to worry about.

We could have random encounters :

1) When trying to set up your camp -> An ambush when you're out of spells and HP would just become a quick-load fiesta but if you're allowed to regain your hp and part of your spells then why not just add this much danger to the story.

2) When traveling from one map to another. -> Based on the world map I've seen, Larian was thinking about dividing the druid circle, the hag swamp, the cathedral, the blighted village, and goblin camp into different, not connected together areas. Why not add this feeling of the unknown when traveling from one place to another? It's not like you're backtracking constantly. I cleared the cathedral I'm not coming back. Same for the hag.

-> More challenges when planning your movement.
-> Enhanced replayability.
-> More combat overall.
-> If they become too easy for higher-level characters at least it becomes some kind of reward. " Hey, you've planned your party well. GJ!"

-> Potential balance issues that need to be cleared out(those encounters can be too difficult at first and become too easy over time).
-> Encounters during travel are hard to implement without dividing the map into several smaller areas divided by loading screens(like in BG2) which is clearly something you're trying to avoid. It could be done with those encounters popping in in pre-defined areas maybe but that would become more annoying than anything else. They are supposed to be unpredictable.

It's a system from BG2 , I know, but I think not having it is harming the game more than having one big playable area. If more people like the idea then maybe Larian will reconsider it . If not then I hope at least we will get some kind of random encounters when setting up the camp. Voila voila.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.