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They are all pretty linear attitude wise and they squabble like children, Gale tries to eat all the magic items you find and Astarion is very whiny.. Wyll while pretty normal by the other standards is really quite boring. I honestly don't see what others see good about them.
They are pretty annoying to deal with for hours on end, it tends to make me tune out and ignore them pretty much.

I don't know about anyone else, but what I do like is that they aren't automatically my best friend. They remind me of Morrigan, in a way. Handy to have around, and hard to put up with, if you're not inclined to put up with her. It gets boring, after a while, to have all the party members be extensions of the PC. Some of them could be snarkier, as far as I'm concerned, and it's not like all their interactions with each other are particularly negative, some definitely are, Lae'Zal, and Shadowheart, for example, but Shadowheart and Astarion can almost be civil to each other in party banter. Are they the best companions I've ever had in an RPG? No, I've played Mass Effect and Dragon Age, along with the BG series. They are, however, far from the worst companions I've ever had, and some of those include other players...