There is an inventory sort button, right at the top of the inventory screen, it offers four different ways to sort your inventory.

As to the "evil" route.... I haven't really had to go out of my way to be good. I haven't felt any sort of encouragement to be evil so much. Actually, I've felt the path of being good is the path of least resistance. I've felt very much heroic.

Regarding our companions. They aren't capital E evil, really. They're D&D evil for the most part. Meaning they're a bit selfish and lean more towards focusing on their enemies and who they hate than other things. But they're for the most part not out to screw with people.

They're far less obnoxious than the BG1&2 evil companion options and leagues less obnoxious than Bishop and Ammon Jerro from NWN2, so if these are the evil companion options...I'm fine with it.

Heck, Shadowheart feels like she's being set up for being on the border of a shift in direction in her life.

Wyll, is just shady, has good intentions if somewhat self-centered, and is probably more neutral than evil.

Gale doesn't seem evil and even seems to lean good given some of the things that annoy him.

Astarion and Lae'zel are definitely evil, but again, they're not being active villains and they aren't pushing me to do so.