Some good feedback. Nice to see some balanced positives in with your criticisms.

I'll focus on some of the things I hope they really look into "fixing" --

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The camera is frustrating at times, getting stuck behind scenery. One time at the start of the game it got stuck in the room with the fight between the illithid and the cambion even though I was still in the room with three imps.

They need more camera options and the engine can accommodate. They just need to make it a priority.


I appreciate that there seems to be a general move towards 'let's be evil' in RPGs recently, e.g. Tyranny, but it doesn't make me any more inclined to like judgemental, inflexible, arrogant solipists than I was before.

Evil as an option is one thing. But there does seem to be a distinct lack of having a way to walk a "Good" path, too. If they can't figure out how to add some virtuous elements and characters to the story then they should look into hiring Richard Garriott to consult. smile

Any chance of an option for how much is highlighted when the 'alt' button is pressed? There's lots of stuff I'm interested in that doesn't highlight (such as food) which leads to long pixel-hunts in some rooms.

This was a problem in DOS, too. The Alt key actually ends up being somewhat deceptive in some rooms.

I think they should make the Alt key be a kind of manual Perception Check to help find things that the Alt Key (traditionally) doesn't always show so high perception characters get more use out of it.

Maybe have things that are spotted glow or shimmer for a bit longer once they've been seen. There have been a few too many times where someone in the party has spotted something and I've had no idea what it was. Sometimes it was a trap (Oh! That's what you saw). Sometimes I still have no idea.

This was also a problem in DOS. I'm sorry to see that they have not fixed this. You should *always* be able to find what you've spotted even if your camera angle wasn't at the right place when it triggered. This could be yet another good place that the Alt Key could be used (to re-highlight things that have be passively spotted.)