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Its already problematic enough that goblins are throwing thousands of gold worth of alchemical bombs and magic arrows at a level 2 party.

Yup. It's riddiculous. Goblins are the lowest tier enemies you face in DnD, tied with Kobolds probably. Yet they somehow have funds and access to magic arrows, achlemical bombs etc. This is just stupid. So what Orcs will have? Magical Axes, magical plate armors, ring of protection +1, Orc Shaman will have Staff of Magi?

There is no DnD balance here. Take a look at NWN1 beginning or BG1 beginning. You are lucky to find something else than throwing axe from enemies and a wolf can kill you. Tha is what level 1 in DnD is. And goblins have 2 coppers on them, short bows and some normal arrows, sometimes club or dagger/short sword.

This is fantasy setting, but it's not DnD.