As I said, I'm not gonna argue a lot on the "is this writing necessary/unnecessary" me liking or disliking something won't change minds, people will see things differently. It's a game, it's fine, I don't mind Astarion being forward, I did, in fact, get the Gale weave scenes in all my games before learning they are "hard to get" (sadly I don't have any idea what did I do for them to happen). I always tried hag before goblin camp, maybe that's it?.

End of the line is just wanting to have more to do at camp than maybe resurrect someone, sometimes. Scratch does bring you a ball so you can play catch, and that was one of my favourite things at camp overall, and it's *simple*, a very very simple animation and activity, rewarding nonetheless. And despite the overall disagreements over the tiefling party, it seems most everyone who commented here so far would not mind a little bit more around camp as well, which, good! We are on the same page.