Some really good feedback here.

Maybe have things that are spotted glow or shimmer for a bit longer once they've been seen. There have been a few too many times where someone in the party has spotted something and I've had no idea what it was. Sometimes it was a trap (Oh! That's what you saw). Sometimes I still have no idea.

Having an inventory sort button would be really handy. Particularly by something like weight.

Yes, and yes. Are you guys sure that there's a sort inventory function and not just filter options? I tried hard to find a good organize inventory functionality and never found anything so at the very least this is a big UI issue.

Any chance of an option for how much is highlighted when the 'alt' button is pressed? There's lots of stuff I'm interested in that doesn't highlight (such as food) which leads to long pixel-hunts in some rooms.
I think this was intentional, and I am happy with it. Too often I let my game experience boil down to grinding and holding alt to get treasure; what they went with gets us deeper into the beautiful art.

The game could stand to have a pause function as well
Brilliant; couldn't agree more.

The camera is frustrating at times, getting stuck behind scenery.

I really like the companions. I think Gale and Wyll are good, no? Shadowheart seems like she still has a heart... sometimes...

Also, I really think this game has 0% grinding. It's all about the interesting encounters and to me it succeeds overwhelmingly in that.

Sneaking and combat can be a slow and frustrating exercise in micromanagement.
Disagree, I think the sneaking is really cool, in combat or not. Also, to me this feels like the smoothest, best-performing CRPG combat yet. The fact that its turn-based is so good IMO; the 'real-time' with pause spamming in other games just stresses me out and leads to lazy decision making.

Anyway, I think you have some really smart feedback here, thanks for sharing.