It might be a good idea to make the camera movement a selectable choice in the option menu. Like check a box to make the camera move freely (like the older bg games) and unchecked focused on the active character. It's annoying to press a key every turn to make the camera move freely.

In the prologue when playing a githyanki and talking for the first time to Lae'zel you have the same dialogue option as a non githyanki. It's unlikely that a githyanki has no knowledge about what a tadpole does. The dialogue with Gale in the camp confirms that a pc githyanki knows more then a non gith player character regarding the transformation process.

It would be handy if you see the borders of your screen on the minimap.

It would be nice when clicking on a companion to select that companion instead of starting a conversation. Ive talked allot to my companion for no apparent reason.

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