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TL;DR: 2020 WotC is trash and they are - once again - running the Realm's world lore into the ground... seems legit! laugh

Seriously, though, do you KNOW the game's story was approved by Wizards, or do you guess? I mean, it's possible Larian is building new canon here, but who is to tell whether or not all the details have been signed off on?

I know how copyright works. If you want a good idea of the constraints they put on content creators, you can read through the Dragonlance lawsuit, to see what kind of creative control they keep over their products. Hoeg Law on YouTube did a pretty good breakdown of it. I can dig up the link if you're interested.

Are they breaking the system? Probably. I really haven't been very impressed with how they've handled it over the years, and I do miss the TSR days. They are, however, the final arbiters, and whether I'm down or not, I can't, in good conscience, lay that at Larian's feet. They proposed what they wanted to do, and WotC said ok, so if it's well and truly broken, then it's well and truly on WotC/Hasbro.

Fair enough... still, while WotC may have the final say on the "what" of the overall storyline, I doubt they care much about the "how", if any of the "not so good" novels coming out over the years are anything to go by, and that might very well be laid at Larian's feet.