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Fair enough... still, while WotC may have the final say on the "what" of the overall storyline, I doubt they care much about the "how", if any of the "not so good" novels coming out over the years are anything to go by, and that might very well be laid at Larian's feet.

I'm sure there's some to go around too. I was sort of surprised at how much control they exercised over what the Dragonlance creators were writing in their new trilogy. They made them take out love potions, change a character's name, hit 'em for and some other stuff that's "sensitive" to some people. I'm sure that's not going to have a very good impact on story quality either. Unless WotC loses the suit, and has to let 'em publish the books they signed the contract for, we'll probably never know.

Yea, that sounds like "current year" WotC alright... not able to provide descent card stock in MtG for years now, but at least they make sure all their products are nicely sanitized and PC... crazy

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