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On romances, I think a big part of the problem is too many people conflating sex with romance. Sex and romance are related but separate things. And sex being a thing in an RPG is perfectly reasonable, because it is just as much a part of life as eating or sleeping. So if Larian were to make a greater distinction between characters simply having (casual) sex versus there being a romance between characters, that would go a long way towards making things more believable and immersive.

Well I'm pretty sure PC's options are still opened no matter what they decide to do at the party and that is kinda commendable.

Not everyone is "let's wait to be married" kind of person and as in real life many great romances have begun in exactly such order (and even more heartbreaks) 😉

And as in real life it's usually impossible to say which way it's gonna swing the morning after.

The classic formula of candles, wine and flowers, long talks, stolen glances, kiss on the cheek and fade to black scene before final fight is getting kinda stale...

And I for one am very happy we moved on from the age of Anomen 🤢, no offense to Gaider he also moved on to write some of my favourite characters and Ok to be honest Anomen did get a bit more bearable if romanced.

Here I'm thinking Astarion and Lae'Zel are definitely in it for the fun, Shadowheart is falling for the PC but wouldn't admit it even to herself, Wyll - well that's just wrong and Gale might just be masterfully manipulating the PC for his personal agenda (whatever that really is).

Yes I agree. That's my point, which is that many people who are critical of how romance is being handled in the game are doing so from a point of view of mixing up romance with sex. What we're seeing here in Act1 is just sex. And very casual sex at that. We will have to wait until we see the whole game to be able to comment on *romance*.