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I'm afraid the only similarities to D&D I see in BG3 are mostly cosmetic. The names pf the character classes and spells.

The entire combat system in BG3 has virtually nothing to do with D&D's mechanics. It's all about height advantages and environmental effects. This puts melee classes at a SERIOUS disadvantage as they have to be at the same height as their target and will almost always be subject to the same environmental effects at their target because they have to be in melee distance.

That’s exactly my definition of how battles should be handled by BG3. Why would you bother with 12 classes witch branches to tons of subclasses if people are playing by the environment? DnD is a class based system (which DOS isn’t and I’m okay with that), where the class must shine ( once in a while you can apply the rule of cool to allow your players to accomplish unrealistic things for the sake of the roleplay). Currently I don’t feel classes intertwining in that special way because the game wasn’t programmed for direct combat.

There’s a simple test to run the balance. You take an early boss fight (phase spider matriarch for instance) - fight with it without using the environment - without pre-buffing and without killing the eggs beforehand (because by the sake of roleplay you shouldn’t know that the damn eggs would watch) - you should win more than 50% of the time.

Currently if you take that battle using the class system that’s not going to happen. It’s feasible but you’re depending on luck purely.