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OP tis is Larian's version on Elves. They are a fantasy race, you can make them look however you want.

You kind of cant.
You need sliders to create what you want. Otherwise you are stuck with the half a dozen faces that Larian has given you.

I'm talking about Larian can make the elves how they want because they are a fantasy race, and who decides what a made up fantasy race *should* look like?

Elves in DOS2 looked like wood carvings, Elves in Dragon Age looked alien, Elves in Dragon Quest are pink skinned, with fairy wings, and Elves in LoTRs look like Humans with pointy ears.

Stop being the elf police guys :X.

except fatepeddler, this isn't Larian's IP. this is D&D. And we're saying what the IP says elves look like. you're doing the equivilant of saying "ohh well it's just a sciencie fiction game, aliens can look like whatever they want" on a thread telling a video game maker that "no wookies are not bald with squid tentacles for hair"

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