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They are a fantasy race, the creator can make them look how they wish. The same with a DND playthrough, Elves could be different in one playthrough compared to the next.

And Larian has created an EA specifically for feedback and discussion.
And this is just that.

I will tell you the same thing to other players who try to tell people they can't have X or do Y.
Stop it.
Go do something more constructive.

You're very aggressive.

I don't understand why people can't just adjust it to their liking in their own head canon, why must people have everyone available to them in game?

And I can't understand why people go on the internet, assume they are some sort of spokesperson for a company and defend that said company's actions. As they perceive them anyway. Then proceed to tell any dissenting voice regardless of how constructive they are to tear them down and belittle them.
What is even more interesting these sort of people take some sort of sanctimonious tone like they know better or are revealing facts that were previously unknown to the other posters.

What I find ironic is that such posters accuse others of headcanon when obviously its the otherside that is referencing materials and descriptions of the original authors of this piece of make believe fantasy. Not to mention everything so far presented is under construction and review until a full release and this company has explicitly said is looking for constructive feedback and concerns.

Anyway. To sum up.
Don't be a party pooper and get off your highhorse.