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There we go again - and up till now we were missing these kind of "get a life" replies that so often tend to overflow the topic of romance in games.

Because writing expertises on DnD rules clearly shows your superior life priorities right?
And TYVM my life priorities are quite sorted I only have a bit too much time on my hands having just undergone major surgery being stuck in my bed for a few more weeks.

A story based RPG focusing on companion interaction is actually quite unrealistic without even a hint of romance if you ask me, because well if my time in national sports team taught me anything - if a certain number of mixed gender people go somewhere for more than N days, somebody's gonna bang.

Agreed, but you don't need an excuse--whether you have loads of time or very little time. Your time is yours and you should invest it however you like. Lots of people like these elements in games--otherwise they wouldn't have become a staple of modern rpgs.

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As I already said, I don't have a problem with romances in story driven games in general, I do have a problem with how badly and tropy they are presented these days, however... especially when it comes to games with custom protagonists, because they also have to be written in a one-size-fits-all way in those. Couple that with the delicate timing of non linear storytelling, end the end product is usually bad... very bad... like penny romance novel bad.

If anything I've observed the opposite--games are presenting more interesting and dynamic romances. Have you read a trashy romance novel? Because none of these come close to those. Even with how clumsy the romances are handled currently (and it's really only because of the suddenness of the camp scene), they aren't anything like what you get in a bodice ripper. I think the romances in this game will get better/more interesting and we haven't seen enough with them to really pass the kind of judgement you've already passed.

I'm curious what romances you're referencing, specifically though, that are so badly written and trope heavy.