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As I already said, I don't have a problem with romances in story driven games in general, I do have a problem with how badly and tropy they are presented these days, however... especially when it comes to games with custom protagonists, because they also have to be written in a one-size-fits-all way in those. Couple that with the delicate timing of non linear storytelling, end the end product is usually bad... very bad... like penny romance novel bad.

Its actually quite cringey.

It adheres to the juvenile fantasies of "If I am strong everyone would like me sexually", At least this time Larian did not only apply to this to just the female NPCs but males as well. Equality I guess but still pretty bad.
I would argue though that this is just EA shenanigans but... they had voice actors do these lines. So I hope to lords above its not in the final version.

Oh, I'm pretty sure it is... maybe not like that/at this point in the story, but still. Moreover, they even did a "behind the scenes" about their voice acting and motion capture that featured some romance stuff, so they seam to be mighty proud of it too.

Well in this day and age. You absolutely need mocap to tell any sort of story for an RPG and Story driven games. Otherwise you end up with games like Assassins Creed where the facial expressions and talk animations are constantly recycled and any emotional scene is laughably bad.

The problem so far though it seems things move WAY too quick and there is not enough interaction beforehand.