Hey I was referred to try and post this here smile I will catch up with the rest of this thread :P

My 1st post here! hello!

I'm new to BG just fyi lol and this is based on my 1st playthrough.

I'm loving the companions! They each have their complex background and motives.

I loved the party banter in DAI, and I love that this is in BG3, makes traveling with your party feel more real, having them add something when chatting to an NPC is always interesting as well. So please keep on working/adding to this as much as you are able to smile

Romance: I'm a good dude trying to help out whoever I can, and Gale loves this about me, and I love that we are going to get along and be best buds! I love that! but I was hoping Shadowheart would be like that too because she's bomb lol. Anyway I'm not entirely happy with the romance because she is very closed, and I do enjoy the chase and trying to "woo" and have her see the light, but I had a much easier time playing an evil character because she was more impressed! lol

Since I found it difficult to get to know her, I found it odd that she would sleep with me at the celebration party, even though I get its meant to be a drunk fling. However during the whole journey there is no mention of it, during NPC convos she doesn't defend or show any affection. I'm just saying its kinda lacking, and please forgive me if you find it annoying, but I love Dragon Age's way of doing these things. I don't want to make this long, but how about for once, maybe one character, its love at 1st sight? and you get married or move in together and grow on the journey together? lol

Just my initial thoughts for some options, I am really enjoying the game, and I know there is more to explore with the relationships as we go after EA. So if you read this thank you!