The Tiefling party is clearly very unfinished graphically and soundwise (lack of background merriment, singing, etc...).

Im therefore hopeful the conversations are too.

I mean I let Astarion feed on me and he is a vampire, so sure, I get him thinking I might be fun. But Wyll and Gale come across as a little weird and jealous if I choose someone else with zero prior conversation. Yeah in both cases they revealed their history to me, but there was no flirtation or sounding out potential attraction or preferences.

Now even that could be circumvented with a little story telling. Maybe the virile connection is there due to the tadpoles? Have someone talk to us near the beginning of the party (like an overt Astarion if he still likes you for example), and yeah flirt if that’s their thing but instead of just acting all rejected, be a friend, ask who I might fancy?

I think someone suggested wingman as an idea further back in the thread, and this concept could be used for the game to get a feel for how I like relationships.

Do I just want to sleep around and leave my options open? Am I focused on 1 party member, or am I a take it slow kinda person? Maybe I just want everyone to leave me be because I actually had someone before being abducted (or didn’t and it’s just an excuse to be left alone).

Either way I have to admit the current everyone acting like a scorned teenager just because I told character x I would see them later is odd. Does no one simply want to pat me on the back and have a drink? It’s a party!! Besides how do they even know? (Why does everyone care?!)

I’m obviously happy to put most of the above to EA, but should Larian be reading, then whilst I love options, this particular scene definitely needs some more subtlety and variation and fun!

Heck, it might be fun if I choose Shadowheart for example if someone wants to fight me for her (if not a character how about a tiefling lol)