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As I already said, I don't have a problem with romances in story driven games in general, I do have a problem with how badly and tropy they are presented these days, however... especially when it comes to games with custom protagonists, because they also have to be written in a one-size-fits-all way in those. Couple that with the delicate timing of non linear storytelling, end the end product is usually bad... very bad... like penny romance novel bad.

Uh oh, people are gonna talk, but I don't disagree here. However, per our dialog elsewhere, I'm not convinced I can lay this solely at Larian's feet. Yeah, they did similar in DOS 2, but, they're gamers, making games, and I'd be willing to bet, they read gaming forums too.

Flashback to Dragon Age Origins, and the BSN's reaction to not being able to bang Alistair with a gay protagonist. There was, surprisingly, less uproar about Morrigan with lesbians, but there was some. Fast Forward to DA 2, with "player sexual" companions, and once again, the forums burnt down, because all the options that were on the table were on the table, no matter who Hawke was. See the pattern? Care to guess how it went in Inquisition, where they reverted to Origins for the LIs? If you guessed grab a fire extinguisher and some popcorn, you'd be absolutely correct. Guess what happened in ME Andromeda, some of the characters suddenly officially became bi, and mods took care of the rest. At any rate, this is a no win scenario. Obsidian caught flak for no romance in Outer Worlds, and BioWare caught tons of flak for not being inclusive enough, and too inclusive. It's a classic Catch 22, damned if you, damned if you don't situation, so they chose to err on the side of "inclusivity", and even the people that might be running around with signs during the day screaming "we need inclusivity" aren't happy, because someone didn't submit a resume before having the audacity to flirt, or be hurt because the PC chose someone else, or did something that they don't approve of.