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Introduction of professions for (Non-combat) XP please. Even finding alternative ways to handle scenarios through dialogue should grant experience.

Wizards should not learn other class spells.

Select best party member to handle conversations built for them (Proficiency and what not).

More spells.

Dodge Bonus Action.

Otherwise I agree, but I find it curious the see the conversation-suggestion over and over again here. Wouldn't it be weird for you to have a conversation with someone, and when you would wish to threaten the other to get your point across (intimidate) someone else from your party would chip in? I mean, shut up Lae'zel I'm talking here.

It could be the same format as the Gith'yanki patrol dialogue (if you have Lae'zel in the party). Give Lae'zel a nod for her to step in and intimidate someone, assuming she's on board with what you're trying to accomplish. If the party member you ask to step in doesn't agree with you, it could be a roll vs your relationship with the party member in question. Alternatively a roll vs some other stat, but that would probably end up forcing the persuasion skill on every single PC build.