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Implementing a send everything to camp button and item multiselection must also be insanely hard and "experimental" for a 2020 PC game. Don't forget this is a game that can't even pause in ESC menu screen. Definitely AAA vibes.

But that's not DnD. There's no "send everything to camp" option in 5e rules. It's amazing how fast you'll sweep that argument under the carpet, isn't it?

I've been reading all your posts and all you do is try and deflect any criticism to the game like a Good Larian Boy. So i don't really bother addressing anything you say since it's completely pointless. At least you try. I don't know how that mechanic would affect anyone at all tbh when it could also be just a toggable. But i can't really remove all the surface stuff and other gimmicky larian features just like that right, when the core gameplay is built around it?

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