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Actually did the spider fight without using explodables and surface abuse ( Didn't even knock it down shooting all the webs ). It's not tailored to beat it with any class atm ( Specially Melee ), the dmg it does is dumb ( Has heavy damage area attack ) just like the HP scaling and has infinite teleports. The only way you can beat it is through hide cheese. Also check how many spiders they throw at you at the same time. Even the small ones do good damage, it was so stupid xd. They literally want you to play like Divinity for the majority of encounters then some kid comes out and says: "You don't have to use the D:OS mechanics if you don't like them" haha. That is what "Balanced encounters around the D:OS System" does to a D&D game. That's why the 5E ruleset had set HP for monsters too because the AC system exists and now we have it all Larianized.

I've largely been avoiding the Larian mechanics and playing as close to 5e as I can. So far the best way I've found to handle that fight is as a Light Cleric and waiting for the enemies surround my party before dropping Radiance of the Dawn. It did a pretty good job of clearing out most of the small adds. That's not to say that I don't think there need to be some adjustments to get things a little more balanced and friendly for other classes, because it was definitely a struggle when I tried it that way without being a Cleric. At this point Light Cleric is my favorite though.

Never said you can't self cripple yourself to try and "mimmick" a 5e experience, but that's the thing isn't it?

Oh for sure. At this point trying to play as close to 5e as you can is definitely more of a challenge mode. Next to impossible if you don't at least abuse height as it currently stands, having disadvantage for every hit from low ground does not make for a long life.