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I find it funny (at least for now as it may end up with creative dumpster) personally as those most vocal groups not only most times are more despotic than anyone else, they contradict themselves and the best part the don't care about stuff like games and comics at all. Which some project and companies learnt hard way when they went with following this non sense.

I mean, I can get over that everyone likes and sleeps with everyone in game/story. But calling it anything other than the mob pleasing treatment is just non sense. It hurts writing, overall story and just limits characters. Best supporting examples for this would be games from Japan or like Eastern EU where they just don't bother about things like it at all.

Also imagine game in 2020 with white male character that hates or even is just afraid all women in general. Even with perfectly justified backstory like his mother beating and tormenting since childhood or just him having Gynophobia.

Yea, well, as I said - (western) companies will learn sooner or later. Wishfulfillment for infantile ego-manics is only fun/profitable for so long... and sooner or later, general audiences will be sick of it.

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