Agree regarding many of the comments regarding BG3 being more Divinity v3 than AD&D, ad also the making use of the decades of successful gameplay and testing that makes up the AD&D collection(s). Obviously any Gaming house will try to make use of existing system engines from their past game systems as it makes financial sense to do so (waste not etc...). Unfortunately, D&D/AD&D franchise has been going for around fifty years and is still going, so there's a Vast level of experience and knowledge backing it up (like, do not mess with 'Star Trek').

Firstly, and most importantly, BG3 is EARLY ACCESS (two+ weeks in)! - still looks more final than early access when compared to other open world games...

My penny's worth:

- add two buttons to link all party members together and the other to separate them all. Leave the current mechanic for players to modify outside of those two);

- yes, showing a d20 animation does look nice, but it does sometimes appear a little - 'That's not random'?. Surely any foundation-layer program engine can be made to incorporate the other sized dice as and when applicable? It will make us feel better and warm and cosy, if not covered in blood and entrails.

- Although I personally love finding hundreds of these Bags (and chests) of Holding, it would be nice to see variations of how many items can actually fit in them - and that carrying three barrels, two chests, seven backpacks, a collection of sacks and weapons may impact fighting, walking, stealth, breathing and your arms and legs breaking.

- talking containers: please let us double-click an item with the container open and the item's moved over - and Stacked where applicable)

- PLEASE introduce some additional randomisation of stuff to find and forage, and encounters to spring on us. Although many old games like this simplistic, linear approach where, once ABC has been cleared out, you can completely forget it. Conversely, you then know that, though drops are basically random, once cleared then that is that. It also implies a basic fixed level of wealth. You can therefore forget buying enchanted weapons because you have to try to work out which trader you will need to go to/back to in getting that magic shield/tiara/box of goop that you have always yearned for

- Having that Starter area being relatively safe and not DIE DIE DIE like some other areas, having a couple of random creatures, traders, monsters, etc. of varying levels that can be interacted with, or beaten senseless by, will keep players checking back here and there. Time has proven that attention spans are limited. Relying on 'okay, I have played Good, now I will start again as Evil' is not always a great, modern formula to follow., especially if the storylines remain the same (and there is no present way to speed through dialogue (note spelling) )

Can anyone clarify for me why (what I am doing wrong), when my party (sneaking and hidden of course) spot a group of 'easy-pickings', move carefully about to cover all the victims and then attack, to suddenly only have one of the party able to attack? Even opponents completely out of sight of the first victim magically knows that someone (invisible) is standing in the bushes behind them and gets off a first strike?

As already said, 'Early-Access'.

And also, Thanks to Larian for the truly magnificent vistas and character layouts and customisations. Those poor 'gollum' actors in their unitards and visi-tabs have had to put up with a lot to make this truly amazing. Matching dialogue and lip-synchs also superb. Of course, now that the bar has been set so very high, you're going to have to start feeding and watering them for the rest of the game. Well done and a Huge thank you for the magical experience we have gotten in this early version.

PS: You do know that, like many other adventure/world games, Larian could make expansions to the final game modular (and paid for), as all those decades of AD&D have done so successfully and lucratively. All you have to do is get that pesky core game-engine purring like a goblin on a rack and you can just slap on module after module like a soap slapping on seasons.

PPS: Fix the #@&# 'dialogue stream not complete...' error that stops saving and quick-saving PLEASE! (the Duergar dialogue kicks it off) I have had to just roll back to a pre Myconid save and forget them for now. Most vexing.