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People really need to stop being so much anti-fun tight-asses, not everything ever should be the holy immutable RAW 5e, even Solasta devs understand it.

I don't think it's so much about anti fun as it is anti cheese... and, personally, I really draw a line when you balance and power levels of classes are concearned. Fact is, firebolt is no AOE spell, and it shouldn't be, not because it's not fun to light enemies ablaze with a basic bitch, "infinite" use spell, but because it's not what it's intended to do... there are other spells for that. Same goes for everybody being able to bonus action jump around, or shove each other of ledges. Sure, all those things are probably fun - if goofy as hell - but giving all characters those options not only waters down the tactical challenge, but also devalues much of the classes identity and balance. You know what I mean? Much of the appeal of D&D, heck, most pnp rules systems, really, is: Having a limited range of tools and finding out how to employ them to solve situations... not having "all" the tools and solving "all" situations, basically the same way.