I don't know if anyone else mentioned these but

• Picking the lock and entering the storehouse of the druid sanctuary causes the paralyzed woman inside to yell for the guards, negative conditions be damned. I honestly thought I'd be able to help her or something, I think her reaction's unwarranted regardless because of the paralysis.

• Zelvor, once he reaches the caves, only says to "meet me in the caves." We're already there, Zelvor. I don't know what I need to do to make you realize this.

• Sometimes, ignited enemies that die from the fire will revert to their neutral animation instead of collapsing. No clue if this also goes for other spells. It hasn't happened, and fire is the most available.

• It worked to my benefit, but wouldn't an AI want their NPC to take the shortest distance out of a patch of flaming ground? They took a far longer path straight through the fire and died in the process. Idk if that's a flaw in AI or if goblins are just that dumb. I just thought the choice it made was unwise for its sake.

• Why is the default (the one pre-selected for you, like Tav as the default name) god for a light cleric an evil goddess? It threw me for a loop when I looked at my guy's character sheet and I saw the tag "Evil Cleric."

• I climbed to the waterfall in Druid Grove, climbed the cragged rock, and went as far up as I could. Turning the camera around here makes the lighting change between noon-ish and sunset. I took a video recording of it: https://youtu.be/e8Mpdjvk7Og. Some of the rocks even change orientation as well. If you look at the character with the white hair, some of the rocks to his right change position and angle. Maybe it's a trick of the light. It's weird how it's only that patch of rock though.

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