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+1 to OP. Just blatant fact.

I took issue with two major quirks :

a) They all try to hook-up for sex no matter the lack of any attempt to figure the main character's sexual orientation or interest. See suggestions below.
Their sudden suggestions for sex appears out of the blue (no preceding dialogue hints leading to it).
Laezel was notably whacky : nothing remotely hinted towards an interest beforehand.

b) When you hook-up with one companion, the others all react like something was hurt and they are not subtle at all. It does not make sense.

And, like OP said here, they almost all seem to just want a fling rather than something more. Shadowheart is more subtle in the current version (though my lady Drow went for Astarion).

- prior dialogue lines that "subtly" let's the player state his/her sexual orientation (men/women/bi)
- prior teasing or flirting should determine if a companion will express any form of jealousy or frustration during the party. Without it, the companion remains neutral on that level.

I just want romance in the game to be optional. I don't wanna play a dating (or banging this case) simulator in my RPG. And I am sure there are a lot of people thinking like me.

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