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Not just romances...cinematic dialogues in general are shallow with very few options. Romances feels totally unnatural, so it sticks out even more than the mediocre rest.
DOS2 BG2 handled way better, but you need to READ. And here lies to problem nowadays. Everyone has the attention span of a turnip unless you have cinematics.
Cinematics should complement your game (to a minimum for a better written story in my opinion...), not overtake it. Movies do a better job at that.

Check out the power of word. Now THATS choice :
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Hah, yea, well... I've given up on trying to convey the merits of actual RPG's to the current generation of gamers some time ago. It's all about the spectacle and illusion choice with the "youngens". laugh

Seriously, though, it is possible to transport a "deep", complex, and varied story with "modern" means... they just have to be used effectively.

Ah, to be a "youngen" again. I'm afraid that ship sailed for me before some of the people in these forums were born. The sad thing is, looking at all those choices, you only got about 3 outcomes. Sorry, were we discussing the "illusion of choice"? I've enjoyed my fair share, and probably a few other people's fair share too, of novels in my day. I've even picked up a pen to write a few pages here and there. But I'll take my illusion of choice in the streamlined version, tyvm. It's not like there were no "but that wasn't supposed to happen" moments when I had 11 choices of non-voiced dialog, after all.

3 outcomes, 11 different characterizations.

And you write?

I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.