As an old school D&D player I'm not particularly wedded to 5e rules and understand that there has to be a little wriggle room to produce a functional video game based on a tabletop ruleset.

However, my feeling is that currently the game is a little too much like DoS (which I played and loved) and not enough like Baldur's Gate etc (which I also played and enjoyed - yes I'm old smile ). So toning down the surface effects etc, making the game a little less about scrambling to the top of every area asap when in combat and a little more 'DnD-ish' would be great. I thought that having early access was to get exactly this sort of feedback - which I have submitted through Larian's feedback page.

I t feels to me like BG3 is going to be a great game, it's already pretty cool in this version - but I think folks would like it more if it were less obviously derivative of Larian's earlier games.

Mostly I agree with the OP's post, with the exception of #3 - video games tend to have start out with a big set piece to get players involved. A bunch of people hanging round a bar discussing which nearby cave to go clean out is really going to cut it.

Oh yeah - and have less boxes and chests, who in their right mind is going to buy 3 chests, a put one or 2 small objects in each? That's not what you do with chests, that's what you do with little boxes! So less chests with more stuff please unless a subplot of the game is a bid for world domination by the Guild of Chest Builders.

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