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I just want romance in the game to be optional. I don't wanna play a dating (or banging this case) simulator in my RPG. And I am sure there are a lot of people thinking like me.

The fact that romance and companion relationship was a large part of the game has not been kept secret during development or release. It was all over the Larian websites and all over the previews. If you object to playing games that contain such content, why on earth did you buy the game?

How is it a large part of the game ffs? Speak based on your experince not based on corporate marketing talk.

You just hook up once Which is completely avoidable btw ( that means you can complete the game without having any intimate relationship with any one even if the system is there) and that was the whole so called romance thing throughout the whole Act.

Start thinking before posting.

That's a really good idea. So maybe we shouldn't have threads like "This is not a romance!" based on a chapter 1 one night stand? Would it make you feel better if they took you down to the shore, and had a nice little picnic laid out, with wine and flowers, and maybe a choir, since we don't have radios yet? Maybe they should have had a ring, and an appropriate priest to do a marriage ceremony afterwards? Maybe they needed to have their people contact your people and submit a resume before expressing interest in you at all? Isn't that where modern "romance" is heading now?

Do you want to know what I find really hilarious about this? That it is completely avoidable, and yet you chose not to avoid it, and then complain about it? Speculation on my part, maybe you just watched on YouTube, and don't even know what all went in to getting where they were in the video? Anyway, what information do you have about the progression into Act II and Act III of this "not a romance"? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say none, am I right? But hey, if I'm wrong, you can shoot me a DM with the links to your insider information, so I can take a look through what you provided. I'm more than happy to correct myself when I'm wrong.