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3 outcomes, 11 different characterizations.

And you write?

I'm sure this is going to be hard for you to understand, but the illusion of choice includes "I'm going to say 11 different things, but you could get the same results just picking 1-3". Hey, I can say whatever I want, but if the character is going to rent me that room for full price, half price or free, why waste the time with all those other options? "But my characterization"!!!!eleven11111", bah. When the protagonist isn't voiced, the characterization is on you anyway. If you can't translate an attitude through one selection of text that suggests it, but need someone to spell it out for you, are you really role playing in your role playing game, or are you waiting for someone to hold your hand?

I don't know where you confused yourself as I didn't say anything about the illusion of choice. I'm talking about characterization which is an absolute basic principle for writing and a benchmark on which authors are broken. One attitude does not equate another and you can be aggressive for different reasons and this says many different things about you. Being aggressive because you are possessive and being aggressive because you are a tribal savage are two different things and the idea to include more options with more variety and different characterization is objectively superior in a role playing game. Do you think it is not important to give you choices that represent your character better in a game? Seriously?
Why is characterization impotant in a story?
Feel free to argue with me, but you are arguing that characterization is not important and anyone with 5 minutes and google can find a mountain of evidence against this idea from best selling authors.

Because you didn't read the post you replied to?