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Are you for real?! I dont need to go anywhere. I have EA. I am playing the game. None of these things you think exist DO NOT exist in the game. That one night hook up has "0", I repeat "zero", effect on gameplay.
Stop being a mouth piece for a corporation you give your money.

Your tone is getting increasingly offensive and I don't think you are here for reasoned debate.

Please feel free to continue in a more level manner later on, but I'm not involving myself in a ranting argument where we resort to name-calling and insinuation.

OOOOOH ofc you are offended. Ofc... Why bother trying to back your ideas with reason and logic or willing to change your ideas before clear as deay light reality? Why? Ofc. you are offended. Ofc. you become a victim. It is too easy to pass.

Every one gets offended nowadays for anything. Why not you? I am so sorry for being offensive. It was a crime against humanity and against snowflakes.

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