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That's a really good idea. So maybe we shouldn't have threads like "This is not a romance!" based on a chapter 1 one night stand? Would it make you feel better if they took you down to the shore, and had a nice little picnic laid out, with wine and flowers, and maybe a choir, since we don't have radios yet? Maybe they should have had a ring, and an appropriate priest to do a marriage ceremony afterwards? Maybe they needed to have their people contact your people and submit a resume before expressing interest in you at all? Isn't that where modern "romance" is heading now?

Do you want to know what I find really hilarious about this? That it is completely avoidable, and yet you chose not to avoid it, and then complain about it? Speculation on my part, maybe you just watched on YouTube, and don't even know what all went in to getting where they were in the video? Anyway, what information do you have about the progression into Act II and Act III of this "not a romance"? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say none, am I right? But hey, if I'm wrong, you can shoot me a DM with the links to your insider information, so I can take a look through what you provided. I'm more than happy to correct myself when I'm wrong.

You assume too much. "Maybe"s are endless. For example, maybe you are a pervert and a loser in real life and enjoy one night stands, which add nothing to gameplay in any shape or form, in video games.

That is the our general problem in current times. We do not speak and act based on our experiences but based on wishful thinking and pseudo-good will.

I really didn't assume anything. I asked you for your evidence. That's why there are so many ?s in the post. The biggest assumption here is that I'm not speaking from my own experiences. I am. I am speaking from my own experiences with assorted video games with romances, and from my experiences out here in the real world. I am speaking from my experience here, where we have less than one third of the game, and in it, we have the potential for a one night stand. What I did, here, was ask for your information that goes beyond what we know. To state something as fact, one must have something to go on, and what we have evidently doesn't compare to what you know. So if you have that information, provide it. I've been in one night stands, and I've had what was supposed to be a one night stand turn into a long term relationship. I can't sit here today, with the information we have, and say "this isn't a romance" or "this relationship won't be important later". That's you, and that's an assumption based on what? Your own feelings? "But bad writing", then support that, show us where in the entirety of the relationship plotline, the writing is bad. I can't do it, because I don't have access to the entirety of the arc, but you, apparently, do? So lay it on us. That'd be great.

You assume everything yet you still act in denial. "I really didn't assume anything. I asked you for your evidence." right? is that so? First, you are no in shape or form to ask evidence because you either do not know what you wrote or are not honest.
Second, "That it is completely avoidable, and yet you chose not to avoid it, and then complain about it?" This is not a question. You don't ask questions by just putting question marks at end of your ideas and assumptions.
I am free to experience every possibility in a game I paid and complain about things I didn't like. Some people really care about the "immersion" in their games. Maybe you are not one of them but you can't expect any one to pass some aspects they don't like and pretend there is nothing to bother them.
Start thinking before trying to educate others.

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