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Was is it you who wrote bestselling authors or was it me?

And you first reaction was to pick drivel as opposed to authors of non drivel. This is a you problem.

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And TYVM I actually prefer other types of literature despite being a long time gamer (Marquez, Rushdie, Houellebecq etc) even at it's best fantasy literature can be very lacking with some bright exceptions.

Was it me that misrepresented myself to gain traction in an argument or you?
Please expand on your second point. Tell me how Douglas Adams, C.S Lewis or Tolkien are lacking.

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I love Tolkien as much as the next person but to call it high literature is a bit of overstatement + his characterisation is at least mildly lacking as well in many places. If I had to pick my reference I'd go with Neil Gaiman. Which also makes me kind of doubt your references mentioned in your other hot topics.

Please provide examples. Opinions are not evidence.


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I am speaking from my own experiences with assorted video games with romances, and from my experiences out here in the real world. I am speaking from my experience here, where we have less than one third of the game, and in it, we have the potential for a one night stand.

Anecdote is as good as anecdote. Objective fact is where it is at. So far you don't understand characterization or the different between a plot point or a plot line so please stop presenting your opinion as fact or authority.


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I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.