I would appreciate it if we could keep the thread about relationships, rather than the tit for tat that’s going on in here.

As for the W3 not being an rpg, I respectfully disagree. You still play a role, you decide how Geralt behaves, who he romances, what his build is and to a minor degree, his look. Yes, a lot is “predetermined” but it is still an RPG, and you could certainly argue it’s more of an rpg than taking any of the origin characters in BG3 (based on current evidence), other than the potential here in BG3 to decide which side of the story you are on. Yeah you can’t join the Wild Hunt and be a real evil ass, but you do decide Ciri’s fate.

But that’s really by the by and missing the point of what is possible in AAA cinematic driven conversational games. Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc...

Given also how BG3 is set-up, it will draw comparisons to the above titles, including W3 in terms of story and presentation. No BG3 isn’t open world, it has large areas, but still.

So far the romance options I have witnessed (and those certainly are not all - only the tiefling party after killing the goblins), seemed awkward. I have no issue with the guys coming on to my male half elf character, or a Githyanki needing to blow off some steam or Shadowheart preferring a more wine and chat approach, but all at the same time and all being Whitney about you having already chosen someone is just too much. I mean jeez, if that’s the case then let us have a whole party orgy if we truly play it right and then it’s win win on the options front.

Another thing I struggle with currently is that the whole character ABC approves or disapproves is flashed up and gone too quickly. Often you’re mid conversation and don’t realize immediately the effect of your choice and who was happy with what.

I would like to include that info in the log and have a more visual/audio clue with how they are feeling about us when we I urinate conversation. Maybe I just haven’t had enough of a swing to witness what might already be there, but without digging into the character sheets, I don’t know what each character thinks of me currently.

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