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I don't think romance currently in BG3 comes even close to even the tackiest dating simulation games.
In fact its so barebones that it is incredibly cringe.

I have clocked about a 100 hours into this game and the romance lasted about 20 minutes total.
I don't mean fancy mocap sex scenes, or an interactive sex minigame. I am talking about dialogue scenes too... you know the whole point of companions in BG3 or D&D game in general.

Which you know is a huge deal in a dnd game.
I think your post is just blatantly misinformed and that doesn't seem like a good recipe for constructive discussion.

I'm not talking solely about romance here, I'm talking about relationships and romance. You can probably play to the end of the entire game without choosing romance, but you cannot avoid relationships because they happen even if you don't actively acknowledge them.