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I’m hoping it’s an EA test thing, but it would be a little odd maybe if every character wants to romance you irrespective of sexuality. I mean perhaps that’s refreshing in some regards, but even in a fantasy setting I would expect to see preferences, even if it’s possible to override them if you put a lot of effort in.

Iirc you could do this with primarily straight characters in both Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition, but you pushed for it.

Regardless it would just be slightly more realistic if certain characters were just ecstatic to have someone they can call a friend in the current situation. Trust is usually in short supply. That shouldn’t immediately mean drop clothes at the first opportunity, though in turn for some characters that would fit.

I.e. everyone behaving the same way at the same time with regards to dropping their pants is a little jarring Larian!! grin

More foreplay required ;-)

Nope, barring mods, femshep could not romance Tali in ME 2, or 3, and the same was true in DA I. Someone provided some mods, but the romances had preferences, and stuck to them. BioWare did some changing in Andromeda, for Jaal, for sure, but other than that, they had preferences too, and frankly, I'm down with that. Everyone I know out here in the real world has preferences, and I'm not on that list for some of them, and I'm ok with that too.