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Solasta started from base 5e and introduced new elements as needed. They made sure their 5e mechanics were solid first.

BG 3 started from DoS 2 and added 5e elements only where absolutely required to seem like a D&D game, but ended up with just a DoS reskin. You're purposely ignoring the points being made (not saying no surfaces, saying follow the rules for them and otherwise use sparingly).

I have seen this argument so many times, that BG3 is somehow DOS3 in disguise, and is far more like DOS than 5E. No offense, but this is just wrong. I honestly don't see how you can play BG3 and come away with the idea that it's a DoS reskin that only added 5E mechanics where "absolutely required."

The entire system of the game is 5E. The classes are 5E, the skills are 5E, the abilities are 5E, the combat system is 5E, the action economy is 5E, the races are 5E. Just to illustrate the differences between DoS and 5E further...

DoS uses an action point system in combat, BG3 and 5E use action/bonus action/move.
DoS has a classless skill based system for abilities, BG3 and 5E use classes and levels.
DoS has a stat system where you increase stats every time you level, BG3 and 5E have stats largely set at character creation, that increase only on levels which are mulitples of 4.
DoS used a percentile chance to hit system, BG3 and 5E use a D20 with attack bonus and AC, or saving throws.

All of these things are foundational system layer aspects of the game. Just because both DoS and BG3 have surface effects doesn't make BG3 not a D&D game...it's more like a D&D game with a few house rules. Also...D&D has surface effects anyway.

+ Spell slots instead of cool downs
+ Roll to hit against armour class instead of destroying armour
+ Saving throws against status effects instead of protection by armour
+ No weapon and armour levelling

Not having to keep your equipment up to date is a massive difference.