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Another thing I struggle with currently is that the whole character ABC approves or disapproves is flashed up and gone too quickly. Often you’re mid conversation and don’t realize immediately the effect of your choice and Mia who was happy with what.

I would like to include that info in the log and have a more visual/audio clue with how they are feeling about us when we I urinate conversation. Maybe I just haven’t had enough of a swing to witness what might already be there, but without digging into the character sheets, I don’t know what each character thinks of me currently.

I agree here. The relationship you have with the NPCs, and how your choices affect them, is written through the game and yet there is no current way to determine how you are viewed except by picking up clues in conversation. In some games, the relationship you have with your NPC companions triggers events later in the game. In BG and BG2, for just one example, you could have a Companion storm off if your relationship with them went sour because you picked the wrong choice.

I don't think a hard numerical meter would fit, but some easily-checked indication as to whether the relationship was good, neutral or bad would be nice. Something you could check in camp, perhaps.

If you right click on a companion --> examine, then you can see how the view you... (neutral, medium, high, very high and so on....)

Like I said, other than going into a menu to find it, there, at first glance, does not appear to be a way of seeing your status with someone when initiating chat. Maybe it's just the characters are all prickly anyway that the nuance is a little lost on me so far. I have only played the 30hrs, so it just might simply not be enough time to have noticed.

As for the Femshep example, yes that's correct, I just had it in mind that there were characters harder to romance than others, but maybe that wasn't based on sexual preferences, just general stance on relationships with PC (i.e. certain characters were just designed to be tougher to romance). Been a while since I played those games.

Anyway, totatlly agree Azarielle... totaly cutting Larian some slack here, it's EA and I am sure there will be some changes, but perhaps not necessarily in "preferences of the Origin characters", so it's fine for us all to express how we feel about the characters romantic or non romantic interactions with us.