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I'm talking about Larian can make the elves how they want because they are a fantasy race, and who decides what a made up fantasy race *should* look like?

Elves in DOS2 looked like wood carvings, Elves in Dragon Age looked alien, Elves in Dragon Quest are pink skinned, with fairy wings, and Elves in LoTRs look like Humans with pointy ears.

Stop being the elf police guys :X.

There is well documented source about the way elves are supposed to look like. Clearly, after six pages of a thread, there is also people out there who cares. I understand if you don't, though. And that is okay smile

Let's just not make an argument over it back and forth, I don't want this thread to be full of people throwing accusations and drama needlessly, let's try to keep it positive and constructive. This is not about demanding anything, or policing anything. Most of us have very deep feelings when it comes to BG and DND, for many of us it is a childhood thing, and we care for the proper representation. There is nothing wrong with talking about that.

P.S: Thank you for all the positive feedback and kind words! I can't reply to everyone personally, so just... Thank you! smile

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