So my take, in response to each point

1.I disagree here, I think the ground effects can make for a unique 5e homebrew experience. They just need to stick tighter to the underlying conceptual reasoning behind some of the 5e rules. The fire surface needs an interaction with Dex saves, like every other surface. Essentially they need to apply the rules of Fireball to fire surface and it will feel more like D&D, there is no dice roll to hit you and there is no save roll to mitigate it. The problem with fire surfaces is that they are functionally magic missiles. I have no issues with the other surfaces although knock prone on a D8 does feel pretty strong in the cantrip department

2. As far as I understand, Goblins are treated as humanoids and just have more health based on level. Goblins are a playable race in 5e, so it makes sense for them to scale in HP in the same way as the players. I really have no knowledge about AC changes, I do agree with not messing with AC too much as the game is balanced entirely around the AC and save rolls. I feel like what affects this the most is the "Altitude" system that they have used to replace 5e's "Cover" system. Elevation is basically +5 to hit rolls and -5 to theirs... or something absurd like that. They need Elevation to be balanced in the exact same way as Cover was. "Elevation is the new Cover" and it needs to be no stronger than full cover. With the capacity feats to resolve the drawback (spell sniper / sharpshooter were the SRD 5 resolutions to enemy cover bonuses)

3. Yea... that is kind of only something that veteran D&D players are going to feel. "Oh, the very first thing that you encounter AT ALL... is an Intellect Devourer... yea, this is totally like real D&D". I kinda of disagree on your sentiment here, I understand that the Devil fighting the mindflayer is super high HP and players can potentially battle this beast at level 1 (and surprisingly the AI isnt a jerk and just attack the lowest HP character, so he lets you kill him). However, if you linger too long those Cambions will just clean you up, they do push the urgency in that department.

4. Yes.

5. Yes. Larian Studios, I'm gonna say it like this, I like the surfaces.... I dont like the combat being entirely about them in my D&D game. They are a nice touch if thats all they are... a touch. The barrels are redonkulously over tuned, the fire surface itself as I said earlier is a magic missile hit (100% hit chance) AND too many goblins are yoking around this unavoidable source of damage. Elevation should be tuned to "Half-cover" and "Full cover" values, it feels like much more than that right now. The cover system was additive, the elevation system 'feels' multiplicative, though I could be wrong. The "Full Elevation" bonus needs to be a fairly large elevation gap... Using the Windmill fight as a guage... the top of the rock formation should be "Half bonus" and the Windmill, if you climb up the ladder, should be "Full Bonus"

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