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When is there ever going to be an RPG with the lure of working an evil sex god of a hunk?

We have not yet seen the goddess Absolute, but I want to serve Minthara, work with her and fight together, and not the Absolute primarily. It seems to me that Minthara's belief in the cult of the Absolute is very similar to Shadow Heart's belief in Shar, that is, it has some reasons but can be changed, no matter how fanatical she may seem at first glance

Perhaps we will even be presented with a choice under certain conditions - the evil-evil passing cult of the Absolute, the choice between the sexual goddess and the betrayal of Minthara's and the right to lead the army of the Absolute personally, or the neutral/evil or even good passing where we do not betray Minthara's, and work together for the Absolute/Against the absolute/for ourselves (the last point is the best)

I want at least one version of a happy ending, and not like it was with Viconia