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Of course, I was assuming that as a given though as I want the game to be closer to 5e smile

Currently I use the D&D rebalance mod for my playthroughs and it makes a lot of difference. It feels a lot better than the default game and quite frankly, I couldn't imagine playing without it anymore. Now I just need a mod that gets monster HP and AC closer to the MM stats and I'd be happy.

Mods are wonderful but I don't want BG3 to become like a Bethesda game where they expect the modders to fix the game. I would rather have Larian follow the 5e ruleset and modders are add wacky / crazy house rules.

True, but if Larian doesn't bring the game closer to 5e rules then modders will. I'd rather avoid having to mod my game extensively, but if that is what it takes... so be it.