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I'm not inclined to run around saying "Hey, are you straight? Wanna hook up?". Of course, for my generation, asking a woman out on a date wasn't considered assault. I have actually asked a lesbian out on a date, and she politely told me that wasn't into men, but thanks anyway. Ironically, even asking "hey, are you into x" today can find you on the receiving end of a criminal complaint, because reasons? You see, once upon a time, if someone took an interest in someone else, they didn't have to have their lawyer talk to their lawyer to obtain a 57 page permission slip to ask them out. So when I see things like this in camp, it's just another day at the beach, instead of "Help, call the police, I've been assaulted".

Not remotely close to what I was thinking or saying in my opinion.
Laezel suddenly, out of the blue, gives me an angry zealous rant, when we never said anything before ... Does not fit her personality... and everyone else also gives their semi-jealous remarks when we had nothing going on.

As for the hints of sexual orientation, I personally do not outright propose sex to people around me without testing the waters. Not saying it should be as insanely complicated as in real life :P, but a bit of innuendo and flirting beforehand serves two purposes in the game design: a) player indicates to companions if the main character is somewhat open to men/women/or both and b) simulates a form of flirting leading up to...

Moreover, the flirting/banter beforehand can hint about if a companion wants only sex or also relationship/friendship. But, currently, we are far from that level. Just the above would be a needed improvement.

EDIT : I think it is visible that the scene in question was rushed for Early Access and is a work-in-progress to be fixed.

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