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My Character has transcended the need to eat. He realized early on that meat in general is not only bad for your health, but bad for your soul. Then when talking to druids and various talking plant life, realized that plants too are not something you should consume, they are living too!

So he has taken the next step in evolution and decided not to eat anything. That is why he is better than any other species in BG3. He has since decided in helping his companions in refraining from consuming anything.

He's also decided not to breath. Inhaling miniscule life is also tantamount to genocide. It also helps block out all offensive odors you might see across the land.

What more he has since decided not to swim as he could contaminate the oceans and hurt all marine life. He has taken this to the next step and found a way to magically bar all land life from the waters of Faerûn! I implore you, try just TRY going for a swim. You can NOT!!

That's a terribly long way to say that your character just died....