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What is the point of a class character builder if the game storyline is completely built around companions? Whatever character you create, he/she/it will always be second class to these premade companions stories.
That is a HUGE departure from BG1 and 2.
For example, I want to play that Illithid lord creature, I want to experience HIS epic story and make it my own by deciding his background...then have these companions (in the beginning control them as slaves, and progressively get to know them...) support me on my quest to discover my true self...

I want to play a chef on an interplanar mission to gather ingredients to win Iron Chef Sigil! Why do I have to deal with tadpoles?

What? That's not the adventure? I'm shocked, SHOCKED that a module doesnt cater to every possible character!

I believe they stated they'll have custom companions later for all your mute packmule needs.